Trinity Wellness

Are your young adults, teens or children having difficulty with life transitions or managing stress? Is your teen or child having difficulty coping with divorce or blending of step-families? Is your child struggling with anxiety or depression? As parents, are you having difficulty managing disruptive behaviors? At Trinity Wellness Counseling, we offer different approaches to healing, depending on the age of your child.

  • For younger children with behavior problems, we work with parents by teaching how to structure the home environment in a way which will help shape the child’s behavior and prepare him/her for “natural consequences” outside of the home.
  • We work with children of all ages to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety by teaching coping skills, learning how to think in healthier ways, and teaching mindfulness and relaxation techniques.
  • Family therapy is available as needed to help the child or adolescent cope with divorce and blended family issues.

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